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Your Offers Are Cleared For Landing.


Managing offers on a listing is time consuming, especially if you do a volume of business.  Flat Fee Guy has a solution that drastically reduces the amount of time and effort spent on offers every day. MLS Offers allows me to receive offers for all properties in one online platform and efficiently manage those offers.  These offers are automatically sent to you as a listing client of Eddie Davis.  Even when I am sleeping. Yes! That was what you were looking for! 

  • This system allows Buyers, buyer's agents and attorneys to make offers

  • Easy link can be added to mls and any site.

  • Submitted offers are routed to the user's MLS Offers platform for each property

  • Offers can be uploaded

  • Easily manage all property details

  • Accept, counter or decline offers from the property detail page

  • Obtain a buyer with built-in transaction broker agreement for buyers with no agent

  • Email confirmation for listing agent, buyer, buyer's agent and seller (optional)


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